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Thursday, June 26th 2008

8:26 PM

Obama Decides to Help Hillary

Barack Obama announced on Thursday that he will help pay off Hillary Rodham Clinton's more than $20 million debt, personally writing a check in a gesture meant to win over her top financial backers.

Obama met with more than 200 of Clinton's biggest fundraisers at Washington's Mayflower Hotel, the first step in a two-day push to bring her supporters onboard his general election campaign. Behind the scenes, the two sides were negotiating her future involvement with the campaign.

Some Clinton donors had been frustrated that the Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting had not done more to help her pay the bills even as they are expected to help fund his campaign.
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Posted by Pam:

I don't normally speak out on politics, but God HELP America with the upcoming election...there are no qualified candidates and it scares me to death that Biblical prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes, yet we are like the Bible warns...many will be fooled. I don't care if our next president is black, white, yellow, orange, or polka dot, race is not an issue with me. I just want them to be honest, have something more than an election speech, will uphold our constitutional rights (the second amendment, in particular), be true and faithful to AMERICA, enforce our borders, not be so open handed and open armed with every country in the world or to our enemies, and will invest in our homeland farmland, US business both small and large, and all races (U.S. citizens) with equality. I can't vote for anyone who is pro murdering our babies, who can't fix our health care system, and who has no military experience. I can't even vote for one who does have military experience. So far, I haven't found many of these ideals in any candidate. May God help us.
Sunday, June 29th 2008 @ 12:58 PM

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