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Tuesday, September 16th 2008

2:26 PM

Rainy Days are Good for Business

When it’s raining cats and dogs—like it was today in my neck of the woods—there are just some things you shouldn’t do:

1)  Don’t waste time:  Rainy days are perfect days to just lounge around and do nothing.  What better time to just stay in bed all day and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain?  But that is certainly counterproductive when you could be doing other things like:

a)  Making business calls

b)  Scouting for new clients

c)  Working on outstanding projects

d)  Clear out and respond to emails

e)  De-clutter your office space

2)  Don’t stop thinking:  Rainy days are a good time to go back to the drawing board and take a look at your business.  You can give thought to better ways to doing some things and even come up with ideas for future projects.

3)  Don’t stop dreaming:  Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

4)  Don’t go to the beauty salon:  Who, in their right mind, would spend $50 plus to look like a “Diva”; only to step outside and risk a complete curl collapse? 

I hope it didn’t rain on your parade (or your hair) today.

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Posted by Claudia - Meet My Family:


Great tips...I bet it was inspired by the rainfall you had during the recent hurricane(s) :)

I appreciate rainy days, they are good catch up on business days because when it's sunny, I'd rather be outside...but every now and then, it doesn't hurt to take a break, kick back, read a good book, snuggle with hubby, stay in the jammies all day, all that fun "stuff", guess it's a matter of balance :)

Hugs to you,
Thursday, September 18th 2008 @ 10:02 AM

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